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Renegade-V Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Where's your Asuka schoolgirl cosplay from A-Kon?
Kaizer617 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey, Bunny? This is you, right?…
ThatUliel Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
yay boobs!  \  OuO / 
danytatu Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
U re soo sweet, Meravigliosa, Nice to meet u im Dany Del Rey From Italy and im 21, maybe we can talk sometimes about anime, videogames and everything else we like. Take a look to my gallery (the best videogames player ever) :), Bye Ciao :)
slyfer3k Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014
your kasumis pic were some of the first pics i found when i started collecting cosplay pics and now about 2 years later i find you again and you have a lot more alluring pics 
Chaoskrieger Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014
So much sexy and well-looking cosplay... I think I've fainted.
kuro1ryu Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2014
Since you have too many great photos to put this on a single image, you manage a rare feat of simultaniously looking cute as a button but hotter than hell at the same time so congratulations.
Keep up the fantastic work, I look forward to seeing the quality of the costumes & shoots continue to improve as time passes.
BunnyAyumi Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2014
Thank you so much for this comment ! ♥ It's very flattering to hear. I will definitely do my best to surprise you with these future shoots I have planned- I hope you still continue to support me !
I-Hate-My-Name Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2014
do you allow others to use your photos in their edits if the give you credit and kink back to you with final product?
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